About Us

 Anncestral is a company created by an Architects family passionate about the care, conservation, and love for the planet. Our main goal is to create awareness in those people who can reach our products, eco friendly.

Anncestral, was born from an idea that we had as a family to conserve the tea bags that we consumed at home, which we did not want to be thrown in the garbage, knowing that herbal tea comes from the earth, and we felt the needed to return in a friendly way to it. Similarly, we observed the way people handled the garbage generated by tea bags on the planet in general. Day by day, around the world the waste of tea bags is increasing and that included not only the tea bags, either strips and labels without reusing, they are becoming a problem.

That’s why we wanted to design a product that could be reused as compostable material after being ingested as a tea. That is why we abstained from designing unnecessary labels or label holders, leading us to develop a tea bag without any waste, suitable to be used as compostable material, for the following cultivation in home gardens, under necessary conditions to be decomposed in a better way.

But our commitment does not end there. Once we had our soil ready for planting, we realized the most important thing was missing, “the seeds”. So we decided to give added value to the tea product, and it is the gift of the seeds inside our packages. It gives us immense pride knowing that we are contributing to the growth of the culture of the garden orchard, as a primary need. With this, we want to contribute to the expansion and recovery of the seed as a tradition of our ancestral cultures (here´s the importance of our name).

Finally, what we seek is to create a movement that awakes in each person the conscious planting and conservation of green resources, such as; vegetables, grains, fruits, sprouts, among others. All necessaries for the preparation of food in every kitchen around the world.